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Schweißen, Laserschweißen, MAG Schweißen, KE Schweißen, Widerstandschweißen


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From the individual part to the assembly

Welding connects

Our welding department enables the implementation of versatile welding tasks with different processes.
Laser welding, MSG welding, capacitor discharge welding and resistance welding are applied.


High process stability and economical production through automated solutions

Experience from a single source

From single part to assembly possible with our welding experience inHouse


Get a customized solution that meets your requirements


High range of possibilities

Schweißen, Laserschweißen, MAG Schweißen, KE Schweißen, Widerstandschweißen

Whether connecting individual stamped parts into assemblies, welding containers or completing them with weld nuts or weld studs:

Our wide range of welding technology offers extensive possibilities of welded joints.

Laser welding
MAG welding
Resistance welding

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