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Tube production

rohrfertigung rohrumformung
rohrfertigung rund
rohrfertigung rohrumformung

Round, Oval or Square - The Perfect Tube

Flexible pipe production. Exactly according to your requirements.

Our tube manufacturing allows us to produce your product in almost any desired shape. With our modern technology and experience from several industries, we ensure that you get the perfect pipe for your requirement.


Low tool costs
and low process time


Benefit from the quality and precision of our pipe production


Get a customized solution that meets your requirements

Tube production

Our concept: No compromises

blechrohr, kurzrohr herstellung

From blank to tube, in just a few seconds. With our fully automatic tube production lines sheet blanks are taken directly from the pallet, rounded and laser welded.
integrated 3-roll rounding machine and the flexibly adjustable welding area allow for a variety of shapes and dimensions, coupled with many advantages:

  • Low tool costs
  • High accuracy
  • o seam protrusion or root sagging
  • Low setup time
  • short process times

With our pipe production lines short pipes can be with a roundness of 0.5% of the diameter can be manufactured.

With another flexible, automatic laser cell, tubes can be welded in medium quantities up to a length of a length of 1250mm.

Optional processes can be used to further optimize the roundness, and it is also possible to weld seams are smoothed and pipe ends are trimmed. Also embossing and punching holes can be realized by connected operations.

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