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Metal spinning

rohrfertigung rohrumformung
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rohrfertigung rohrumformung

Cone, hemisphere, cup, funnel or reflectors - metal spinning in perfection

With method and high pressure to top form

Your requirement is implemented by us through years of experience. We develop the optimal solution for you in metal spinning.
With our proven technology, we ensure that you get the perfect printed part for your requirement.


Experience and short process times enable low costs in the production of metal spinning parts

Experience from a single source

Rely on the experience of our design, toolmaking and production


Get a customized solution that meets your requirements

Metal spinning

Our strength for 50 years


Cone, cups, funnels, reflectors – MHU offers with CNC-controlled Printing machines many possibilities for the production of seamless hollow bodies.

Almost all metallic materials that can be plastically deformed are suitable for this process.

In addition to the high flexibility and low tooling costs, the process offers many other advantages:

  • Production of complex shapes
  • Production of thin-walled components
  • High degree of forming
  • High dimensional accuracy
  • High stability and strength
  • High material saving
  • Short process times
Metalldrücken Konus
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